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[David Ching Portrait] Welcome to DCSoft, Inc.  I'm David Ching.

I am now available for offsite consulting!

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Windows Consulting

For the past 15 years, DCSoft has shipped highly recognizable Windows desktop applications, utilities, and controls.  David and his hand-picked associates stand ready to bring their extensive experience to bear on your specific need, whether it's custom programming done right the first time, or seasoned project management to scope your tasks and lead a team to product launch.

Showcase Applications:  Demonstrating our ability to manage all phases of the software development lifecycle to bring products to market, DCSoft develops downloadable Windows applications targeted towards consumers and small business.  The popular RegEditX was included in WINDOWS Magazine's annual "100 Best Shareware Programs."  Please see the Products page.

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The Profile

Have you used these products?  DCSoft has been a part of:

The Resume

Get a chronological view of our projects.  Read David's Resume.

The Creed

Clients consistently report that DCSoft learns quickly, delivers on time, writes maintainable code, and doesn't require babysitting to make it work.  We deliver usable functionality at every milestone to aid your evaluation, and solve the hard problems first (like creating a Deployment strategy).  We keep the code at Beta level or better and at Near-Magazine quality, and write concise documentation.  Read more about The Creed.

The Technology

Our decades of Windows experience gives us a vast breadth of expertise in various systems such as MFC Doc/View, Windows Internals, Hooking, Internet Explorer, Explorer, Encryption, Setup, and more!  Read more about The Technology.

The Goal

Our goal is to be a key contributor for your project, to use state-of-the-art technology to develop Windows software which genuinely improves people's lives, and to set an authoritative standard of impeccable delivery, high integrity, and comradery with clients and partners. You can tell the difference!

DCSoft was created in 1995 and incorporated in 1997.  Your contract can be accepted on a corp-corp basis (no 1099 required).  Please contact us via the Feedback page.  We look forward to meeting you!

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