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RegEditX  3.0 Commercial
Tweaks for the Windows Registry Editor (REGEDIT)

Dec 31, 2012
[1.5 MB]

CDRCue 2004
CD-R cuesheets made easy.
release notes
Feb 22, 2004
[759 KB]
Long Filename Finder
Easily find and shorten filenames for CD-R burning.  (free!)
Apr 25, 2002
[297 KB]

Track your goals and the time you spend on them.  (free!)

release notes
April 19, 2007
[481 KB]


DCSoft Guarantee

DCSoft products do not contain adware, spyware, forced registration, or any other obligation.  If the download file is a .EXE, full installation and uninstallation is included.  Files are installed only to the folder you specify; your Windows configuration will not be harmed.  

Thank you for selecting DCSoft.


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Last modified: December 31, 2012