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CDRCue 2004 - the fastest and easiest way to create CD-R cuesheets.  

"I found the program to be indispensable for my CD-R needs.  I would have been lost without it." - D.K.

What are CD-R cuesheets?

CD-R cuesheets are short text files specifying the contents, order, and spacing of your CD-R disc, as you wish to burn it. Almost all major CD-R burning applications support cuesheets, including: Roxio Easy CD Creator (Disc Copier 6.1 or later), Nero, CDRWIN, EAC, Feurio!, and FireBurner. Once you have created your cuesheet, you can burn it with any of these CD-R applications. This is a powerful concept: if your first choice does not produce a workable disc (for whatever reason), pick another application and burn the same cuesheet with it. This means your investment of time and effort in creating your CD-R layout is entirely protected, no matter if your mastering application fails to produce a good disk, or another one comes along which you like better.

Why can't I just use Notepad?

Because they are text files, cuesheets are easy to read and understand --- just open them in Notepad.

Unfortunately, creating and editing cuesheets for audio and karaoke discs in Notepad is tedious and error-prone. Typing the exact filename character-by-character comes from the stone age. Determining audio cue points in terms of minutes/seconds/frames requires a time-consuming task of opening your audio file in a waveform editor and mousing around to the correct location. Re-ordering files in the cuesheet requires you to manually renumber your tracks. All this makes you want to abandon cuesheets altogether, which is a shame because cuesheets are in fact the most precise way of ensuring your CD-R turns out exactly as you have carefully prepared it.

Cuesheets for data discs and the popular CUE/BIN file combination (which makes it easy to transport exact disc images) are much simpler, but Notepad still requires you to type in the proper filename and get the syntax right.

How does CDRCue help?

Now there's CDRCue --- cuesheet editing as it was meant to be:

Insert multiple files by dragging and dropping or by using an MP3 playlist (.m3u file).

Automatically renumber tracks and indices.

Locate and add seek points in a flash with the unique CueBar.

Add CD-TEXT easily and automatically.

Keep your cuesheet legal and burnable at all times.

Leverage your existing knowledge of cuesheets; no need to learn another method of specifying data to burn.

In short, CDRCue brings the power of cuesheets to the masses who might never experience the portability and power of this highly precise CD-R layout language.

New Features in 2004

Tabbed interface New - See different views of your cuesheet using a standard tabbed interface. Click on a tab at the top to change the view. The Cuesheet tab (selected in the screen shot) shows the text of the cuesheet and is where you do most of your editing.

Files tab New - Drag and drop your files to a different order.

Syntax filtering New - Remove unnecessary clutter from your cuesheet with the View Options buttons. You can hide keywords (like FILE, TRACK, INDEX), the file paths, and quotation marks. Since all of these are required by the CD-R burner application, your cuesheet is saved with all the necessary syntax intact, but when you edit in CDRCue, you don't have to be distracted by it.

Insert Strip New - All cuesheet commands which you may insert at the cursor location are displayed in the vertical strip on the left. To insert a command, either click on it or press the CTRL key and press the key that is shown in the Insert Strip. Commands which don't make sense at the current location (e.g. you can't insert an Index into a File, as in the screenshot above) are grayed out.


"CDRCue is an awesome product." - J.B.

"I registered CDRcue since it greatly helped me in preparing my last CD project (the insert track on-the-fly feature). - M.G.

"I  love the drag and drop feature. Makes goldenhawk software fly." - E.M.

Mastering Guide

After crafting your cuesheet with CDRCue, which program do you use to burn a CD-R? Head to head comparison of Easy CD Creator, CDRWIN, EAC, Nero, FireBurner. Get the scoop on which is best for you.

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This Evaluation version provides everything you need to start creating cuesheets right away.  Cuesheets are limited to a maximum of 10 tracks.

Feb 20, 2004
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